MCL Update: Invitation to Think Long-Term

Beginning to plan and think about the long-term for the first time since this whole adventure started.

MCL Update: Invitation to Think Long-Term
Evil plans are the best plans! Now plotting my next move.

The end of 2023 was stressful.

The beginning of 2024 is promising. Very promising.

I received some amazing news from my oncologist this week.

I can think long-term. I may see 60 and beyond after all.

Recent Zanubrutinib research and how well I've been doing makes it look like I'll get at least 5 more years of progression-free remission.

Furthermore, two new medications have come online that we can use as another line of treatment after the Zanubrutinib begins to falter. Looks like we can kick the CAR-T can down the road even further.

I won't have an isolating treatment looming over my head. I don't have to plan my life around having to abandon everything at a moment's notice. The rope on the sword over my head has been reinforced.

Feels liberating.

And a little scary.

A whole world has opened up and it's disorienting.

Beyond the cancer, it appears that we are also getting my blood pressure under control. The Losartan Potassium appears to be working.

I go in next week for my first annual physical since 2019. The primary care doctors and I will be making sure that the rest of the systems are OK and continuing to fine-tune the blood pressure.

The yoga practice is going well. I'm getting walking miles in. I've even been shoveling snow and feel good afterwards.

I'm enjoying moving around. Exploring environments. Getting sensory inputs beyond the screen, the keyboard, and the four walls of my house.

The cooking and meal service experiments have been going well. I'll share my current findings over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the development of Act 3 continues in earnest.