MCL - Minor Allergic Reactions to Random Things

MCL - Minor Allergic Reactions to Random Things
Square mandala drawn as I waited for the CT Scan. Straight lines are hard.

(Originally published July 29, 2022)

I have just passed finished my most recent test and scan week.

Good news: I'm improving and my counts are where they should be.

Unfortunately, I developed a rash on my neck, chest, and thighs Thursday morning.

Historically, I would take some Benadryl and wait it out.  It's not itchy, just ugly.  The oncologist, however, is concerned.  He fears that I am developing an allergy to the Brukinsa.

I've been engaging in culinary experiments this week, so I suspect that I got into something that my hyper-sensitive body is now allergic to.  I just need to figure out what that is.  My current main suspect - seaweed snacks with Perilla oil.  Of all the weird things I've eaten - I don't think I've ever had anything with Perilla oil before.

Other suspects include the barium smoothies for the CT scan (my partner noticed that I was looking redder on Wednesday) and something in the lamb dish I cooked on Wednesday.  I'm thinking the cardamom I used is a culprit. I don't cook with cardamom that often, especially whole seed, and I don't generally consume much that includes this spice.

I have to remember that my body has gone wacky - so I could have developed allergies to things I typically don't react to. I'm also not a fan of having to worry about worst case scenario for symptoms I'm perfectly happy ignoring. Like non-itchy rashes. Meh.

Thankfully, Benadryl is one of those medications that appears throughout my cancer treatment as part of the prep for the other medications.  My plan is to take Benadryl at night and wait out the rash to see if it clears up.  The doctor expects an update next Wednesday.

Besides the rash, if all continues to go well, the next round of tests and visits will be mid-September.  Blood tests in September. CT scans in November/December.  Try to live my best life in between all that.